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Ecology of Floristic Quality Assessment: testing for correlations between coefficients of conservatism, species traits and mycorrhizal responsiveness

Jonathan T Bauer, Liz Koziol and James D Bever.


P ublished online December 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Plant Sciences and Forestry; Biodiversity and Conservation Biology; Ecology and Conservation; Biological Sciences; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Plant Physiology. 7179 words.


Many plant species are limited to habitats relatively unaffected by anthropogenic disturbance, so protecting these undisturbed habitats is essential...

Mutualism-disrupting allelopathic invader drives carbon stress and vital rate decline in a forest perennial herb

Nathan L. Brouwer, Alison N. Hale and Susan Kalisz.


P ublished online March 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Plant Pathology and Diseases; Ecology and Conservation; Plant Physiology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Biodiversity and Conservation Biology; Plant Sciences and Forestry. 8849 words.

Invasive plants can negatively affect belowground processes and alter soil microbial communities. For native plants that depend on soil resources from root fungal symbionts (RFS), invasion...

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Seed germination and seedling development in response to submergence in tree species of the Central Amazonian floodplains

Risolandia Bezerra de Melo, Augusto César Franco, Clovis Oliveira Silva, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade and Cristiane Silva Ferreira.


P ublished online April 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Biochemistry; Biodiversity and Conservation Biology; Developmental Biology; Ecology and Conservation; Plant Physiology; Plant Reproduction and Propagation; Plant Sciences and Forestry. 7314 words.

Successful germination and seedling establishment are crucial steps for maintenance and expansion of plant populations and recovery from perturbations. Every year the Amazon River and its...

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