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Overview page. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700) — Computing.

The area of mathematics related to the general properties of arithmetic. Relationships can be summarized by using variables, usually denoted by letters x, y, n,… to stand for unknown...

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computer science

Overview page. Subjects: British History — Computing.

The study of computers, their underlying principles and use. It comprises topics such as: programming; information structures; software engineering; programming languages; compilers and...

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dotcom bubble

Overview page. Subjects: World History — Computing.

A global speculative rise in share prices between c.1997 and 2000 driven by the alleged opportunities for profit presented by the Internet. Access to the Internet, and especially to the...

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National Security Agency

Overview page. Subjects: Computing — Military History.

A US government agency charged with carrying out technical activities which support the US government's intelligence agencies. It is often abbreviated to NSA.

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