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geometric series

Overview page. Subjects: Biological Sciences — Mathematics.

A series of numbers or terms in which the ratio of any term to the subsequent term is constant. For example, 1, 4, 16, 64, 256,… has a common ratio of 4. In general, a geometric series can...

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Mahalanobis D2

Overview page. Subjects: Probability and Statistics — Ecology and Conservation.

A measure of generalized distance between samples based on the means, variances (see mean square), and covariances of various properties of replicate samples in multivariate analysis. The...

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mutual exclusion

Overview page. Subjects: Computing — Genetics and Genomics.

A phenomenon observed among ciliary antigens of certain protozoans in which only one genetic locus for a serotype is active at a given time. For example, in Paramecium primaurelia and...

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Overview page. Subjects: Genetics and Genomics — Computing.

A program, inserted illegally into a computer network, which alters the functioning of another program. For example, a phage might infect a word processing program in such a way that...

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