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Abu al-Wafaʾ ʿAli Ibn ʿAqil

Overview page. Subjects: Islam — History of Law.

(d. 1119)

Hanbali jurist with rationalist leanings. In traditionalist eleventh-century Baghdad, his admiration for the mystic al-Hallaj (d. 922) led to his persecution and forced...

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Academic Freedom.

Overview page. Subjects: Law — United States History.

The American tradition of academic freedom drew inspiration from the German concept of Lehrfreiheit, the statutory rights of professors in state universities to teach and do research...

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Overview page. Subjects: Judaism and Jewish Studies — Law.

(Heb. qinyan). The methods of acquiring property lie at the heart of both proprietary and contractual rights in Jewish civil law. A formal qinyan is necessary to effect the transfer ...


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acts and omissions

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Philosophy.

The moral distinction between acts and omissions amounts to the claim that there is a morally significant difference between a particular action and a corresponding failure to act, even...

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Maritime History.

The law of admiralty encompasses claims which were originally within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty Court of England and Wales and which are now governed by the Admiralty Act 1988 ...


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Admiralty Court

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Regional and National History.

A court forming part of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court whose jurisdiction embraces civil actions relating to ships and the sea. Puisne judges hear cases with the assistance of...

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Christianity.

In moral theology, relationship created by marriage. It is held to form an impediment to subsequent marriage between one party and certain blood relations of the other. In the C of E the...

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African Charter on Human and People's Rights

Overview page. Subjects: International Law — World History.

A charter adopted by the Organization of African Unity (now the African Union) in 1981 and ratified by 35 of its members. The Charter reaffirms the duty of African states to eliminate...

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aggregates levy

Overview page. Subjects: Law — American Music.

He received the BA in economics (1918) from Johns Hopkins University, and for 40 years was a manufacturer

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — History.

1 The right to graze livestock on the commons in the summer.

2 The rate levied or profit made on the grazing of pastures.

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