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Anthony B. Ward, Michael P. Barnes, Sandra C. Stark and Sarah Ryan.

in Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation

P ublished online August 2010 .

Chapter. Subjects: Rehabilitation Medicine; Public Health and Epidemiology; Epidemiology. 1959 words.

Introduction - Incidence and prevalence of a condition - International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) - Application of the Office for Population, Censuses and Surveys ...

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Fitness for Work

Edited by Keith T Palmer, Ian Brown and John Hobson.

January 2013; p ublished online January 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Occupational Medicine; Public Health and Epidemiology; Occupational Therapy; Neurology; Psychiatry; Ophthalmology; Otolaryngology (ENT); Rheumatology; Gastroenterology; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Haematology; Cardiovascular Medicine; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Nephrology; Critical Care; Rehabilitation Medicine; Dermatology; Infectious Diseases; Old Age Psychiatry; Radiation Oncology. 736 pages.

The fifth edition of this established resource provides comprehensive and practical guidance on the effects of medical conditions on employment and working capability. Every significant...

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Rehabilitation

Anthony Ward, Michael Barnes, Sandra Stark and Sarah Ryan.

August 2010; p ublished online August 2010 .

Book. Subjects: Rehabilitation Medicine; Public Health and Epidemiology; Epidemiology; Communication Skills; Pain Medicine. 488 pages.

This is a comprehensive reference suitable for the whole rehabilitation team, that summarises the management of common symptoms and disorders, and also outlines the increasing evidence base...

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Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine

Edited by Geoffrey Hanks, Nathan I. Cherny, Nicholas A. Christakis, Marie Fallon, Stein Kaasa and Russell K. Portenoy.

P ublished online March 2011 .

Book. Subjects: Palliative Medicine; History of Medicine; Pharmacology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Infectious Diseases; Epidemiology; Medical Statistics and Methodology; Medical Oncology; Medical Ethics; Nursing Skills; Occupational Therapy; Arts Therapies; Dietetics and Nutrition; Physiotherapy; Speech and Language Therapy; Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Paediatrics; Communication Skills; Clinical Science; Pain Medicine; Clinical Radiology; Interventional Radiology; Psychiatry; Gastroenterology; Dermatology; Genito-urinary Medicine; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology; Neurology; Cardiovascular Medicine; Nephrology; Critical Care; Geriatric Medicine; Rehabilitation Medicine; Professional Development in Medicine. 1704 pages.

The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine is the definitive textbook on the subject. The book is used across the world by the wide range of health care professionals involved in the care...

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Michael G. Hennerici, Johannes Binder, Kristina Szabo and Rolf Kern.

July 2012; p ublished online July 2012 .

Book. Subjects: Neurology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Epidemiology; Radiology; Rehabilitation Medicine. 192 pages.

Part of the Oxford Neurology Library, this resource highlights the importance of stroke, its diagnosis, the problems of misdiagnosis, and current thoughts on its pathogenesis, acute...

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Stroke Medicine

Hugh Markus, Anthony Pereira and Geoffrey Cloud.

January 2010; p ublished online October 2011 .

Book. Subjects: Neurology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Epidemiology; Radiology; Rehabilitation Medicine; Medical Ethics. 592 pages.

This resource provides rapid access to up-to-date, practical information on how to look after stroke patients. It offers a ready source of information for both stroke trainees and...

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