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Child Growth, Shocks, and Food Aid in Rural Ethiopia

Takashi Yamano, Harold Alderman and Luc Christiaensen.

in American Journal of Agricultural Economics

May 2005; p ublished online May 2005 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Demographic Economics; Economics of Health; Economic Development; International Finance. 10095 words.

Child stunting in Ethiopia has persisted at alarming rates, despite enormous amounts of food aid, often procured in response to shocks. Using nationally representative data, the study finds...

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HIV Pandemic, Medical Brain Drain, and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Alok Bhargava and Frédéric Docquier.

in The World Bank Economic Review

June 2008; p ublished online May 2008 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models; Multiple Variables; Econometric Modelling; International Factor Movements and International Business; Economics of Health; Economic Development; Economywide Country Studies. 6926 words.

Country-level longitudinal data at three-year intervals over 1990–2004 are used to analyze the factors affecting emigration of physicians from Sub-Saharan countries and the effects of this...

Stop! The Polio Vaccination Cessation Game

Scott Barrett.

in The World Bank Economic Review

October 2010; p ublished online February 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Game Theory and Bargaining Theory; International Relations and International Political Economy; Public Economics; Economics of Health; Economic Development. 10057 words.

Should polio be eradicated worldwide, countries must decide whether to continue to vaccinate with the live-attenuated vaccine, to continue to vaccinate with the alternative, killed vaccine,...