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Competitive harm in global supply chains: assessing current responses and identifying potential future responses

David J Gerber.

in Journal of Antitrust Enforcement

April 2018; p ublished online September 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: General Economics; History of Economic Thought (1925 onwards); Microeconomics; Production and Organizations; Market Structure and Pricing; Analysis of Collective Decision-making; Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainy; International Factor Movements and International Business; International Relations and International Political Economy; Economics; Public Economics; Antitrust Issues and Policies; Law and Economics; Business and Management; Economic History; Economic Development. 9996 words.


Global supply (or ‘value’) chains add much to the value of global markets, offering benefits to both producers and consumers. Yet, global supply...

Contract Enforcement: A Political Economy Model of Legal Development

Fali Huang.

in The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization

August 2013; p ublished online March 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Law and Economics; Publicly Provided Goods; Game Theory and Bargaining Theory; Economic Development. 14238 words.

In an effort to understand why the relative usage of relational and legal contracts differs across societies, this article builds a political economy model of legal development where legal...

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Does the Internet Reduce Corruption? Evidence from U.S. States and across Countries

Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Pablo Selaya.

in The World Bank Economic Review

October 2011; p ublished online May 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Law and Economics; Economic Development; Public Economics. 11160 words.

We test the hypothesis that the Internet is a useful technology for controlling corruption. In order to do so, we develop a novel identification strategy for Internet diffusion. Power...

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