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Early Entrant Protection in Approval Regulation: Theory and Evidence from FDA Drug Review

Daniel Carpenter, Susan I. Moffitt, Colin D. Moore, Ryan T. Rynbrandt, Michael M. Ting, Ian Yohai and Evan James Zucker.

in The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization

December 2010; p ublished online April 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Regulation and Industrial Policy; Econometric and Statistical Methods; Special Topics; Economics of Health; Public Economics. 11613 words.

Early entrant protection in approval regulation exists when the first incumbents in an exclusive market niche receive more favorable regulatory treatment than later entrants. We show that...

Spatial disparities in hospital performance

Laurent Gobillon and Carine Milcent.

in Journal of Economic Geography

November 2013; p ublished online January 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Econometric and Statistical Methods; Special Topics; Economics of Health. 12579 words.

Using a French exhaustive dataset, this article studies the determinants of regional disparities in mortality for patients admitted to hospitals for a heart attack. These disparities are...

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