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The Christian Reconstruction Movement in U.S. Politics

Julie Ingersoll.

P ublished online January 2017 .

Article. Subjects: Christianity; Religious Issues and Debates; Religious Studies; Sociology of Religion. 6610 words.

For more than half a century, Rousas John Rushdoony and his followers have articulated and disseminated what they understand to be a biblical worldview, based in aspects of traditional...

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Contributions from Queer Theory

Patrick S. Cheng.

in The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender

November 2014; p ublished online September 2014 .

Article. Subjects: Religion; Religious Studies; Philosophy of Religion; Sociology of Religion; Religious Issues and Debates. 7923 words.

This chapter provides an overview of what Christian theologians need to know about queer theory, which is a critical approach to sexuality and gender that challenges the ‘naturalness’ of...

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Religion and Violence from a Political Science Perspective

Daniel Philpott.

in The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence

January 2013; p ublished online March 2013 .

Article. Subjects: Religion; Religious Studies; Sociology of Religion; Comparative Religion; Religious Issues and Debates. 5661 words.

This chapter presents an account for religious violence, and also evaluates institutional independence and political theology more carefully. Then, it uses these two factors to elaborate...

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