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Detection and Impact of Industrial Subsidies: The Case of Chinese Shipbuilding

Myrto Kalouptsidi.

in The Review of Economic Studies

April 2018; p ublished online August 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Regulation and Industrial Policy; International Trade; Manufacturing; Industry Studies. 21883 words.


This article provides a model-based empirical strategy to, (1) detect the presence and gauge the magnitude of government subsidies and (2) quantify...

The End of the Federal Tobacco Program: Economic Impacts of the Deregulation of U.S. Tobacco Production

A. Blake Brown, Randal R. Rucker and Walter N. Thurman.

in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

January 2007; p ublished online January 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Manufacturing; International Trade; Economics of Health; Regulation and Industrial Policy; Agricultural Economics. 9724 words.

In 2004, Congress ended the sixty-six-year-old federal tobacco program, effectively deregulating production and prices. With deregulation came a buyout package, with cigarette manufacturers...

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Global Supply Chains and Trade Policy Responses to the 2008 Crisis

Kishore Gawande, Bernard Hoekman and Yue Cui.

in The World Bank Economic Review

February 2015; p ublished online January 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: International Trade; International Relations and International Political Economy; Regulation and Industrial Policy. 11152 words.

The collapse in trade and the contraction of output that occurred during 2008–9 was comparable to, and in many countries more severe than, the Great Depression of the 1930s. However, it did...

Heterogeneous firms and homogenising standards in agri-food trade: the Polish meat case

Marie-Luise Rau and Frank van Tongeren.

in European Review of Agricultural Economics

December 2009; p ublished online January 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Regulation and Industrial Policy; International Trade; Mathematical Methods; Programming Methods; Mathematical and Simulation Modelling; Agricultural Economics; Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance. 9723 words.

A partial equilibrium trade model with heterogeneous firms is developed and applied to the issue of compliance with the EU food standards in Polish meat production. The model parameters are...

Quality Standards, Industry Structure, and Welfare in a Global Economy

Carl Gaigné and Bruno Larue.

in American Journal of Agricultural Economics

October 2016; p ublished online June 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: International Trade; Regulation and Industrial Policy; Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance. 9556 words.

We study the impact that mimimum quality standards have on industry structure, trade, and welfare when firms can develop their own private standard with a higher quality than the public...