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All Blacks the New Zealand Rugby team, named from the colour of the players' strip; the name was first applied to the team by British journalists at the beginning of the 1905 tour of Britain.

all good things come to an end a reflection on the transitory nature of human experience, especially when it is pleasant. The saying is recorded from the 15th century, but the addition of ‘good’ is a recent development; earlier forms can be compared with everything has an end.

all-singing all dancing with every possible attribute, able to perform any necessary function; a phrase applied particularly in the area of computer technology, but originally coming from descriptions of show business acts. The term may derive ultimately from a series of posters produced in 1929 to promote the new sound cinema such as that advertising the Hollywood musical Broadway Melody, which proclaimed the words All talking All singing All dancing.

All Souls' Day a Catholic festival with prayers for the souls of the dead in Purgatory, held on 2 November.

all things are possible with God saying, recorded from the late 17th century, which alludes to the biblical verse in Matthew 19:24 (Authorised Version), ‘with God all things are possible.’ Homer in the Odyssey has ‘with the gods all things can be done.’

all things come to those who wait proverb of the mid 16th century advocating the productive effects of patience.

be all things to all men be able or try to please everybody, often with an implication of duplicity; originally probably in allusion to 1 Corinthians 9:22.

it takes all sorts to make a world early 17th-century proverb, often used in recognition of the different standards and practices of another person.

See also all cats are grey in the dark at cat, all is fish that comes to the net, all hands on deck, all roads lead to Rome at Rome, all's well that ends well, all work and no play, all the world and his wife.

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