carbonic acid

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A dibasic acid, H2CO3, formed in solution when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water:CO2(aq)+H2O(l)⇌H2CO3(aq) The acid is in equilibrium with dissolved carbon dioxide, and also dissociates as follows:H2CO3⇌H++HCO3Ka = 4.5 × 10−7 mol dm−3HCO3⇌CO32−+H+Ka = 4.8 × 10−11 mol dm−3The pure acid cannot be isolated, although it can be produced in ether solution at –30°C. Carbonic acid gives rise to two series of salts: the carbonates and the hydrogencarbonates.


H2CO3⇌H++HCO3Ka = 4.5 × 10−7 mol dm−3HCO3⇌CO32−+H+Ka = 4.8 × 10−11 mol dm−3

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