Principal patronages of saints

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Accountants Matthew

Actors Genesius

Advertisers Bernardino of Siena

Agricultural workers Phocas, Walstan, Isidore the Farmer

Airmen and air passengers Joseph of Copertino, B. V. M. (of Loreto)

Altar servers Tarsicius

Animals and birds Francis of Assisi, Antony of Egypt

Animals (sick) Beuno

Apoplexy sufferers Andrew Avellino, Wolfgang of Ratisbon

Apothecaries Nicholas

Apprentices John Bosco

Archaeologists Damasus, Jerome

Archers George, Sebastian

Architects Thomas the Apostle, Barbara

Artists Luke, Fra Angelico

Astronauts Joseph of Copertino

Astronomers Dominic

Athletes Sebastian

Authors Francis of Sales

Bakers Elizabeth of Hungary, Zita

Bankers Matthew

Basket-makers Antony of Egypt

Bee-keepers Ambrose, Bernard, Modomnoc

Beggars Alexius, Martin of Tours, Benedict Labre

Bishops Ambrose, Charles Borromeo

Blacksmiths Dunstan, Eloi

Blind Lucy, Dunstan, Raphael, Thomas the Apostle, Odile

Bookkeepers Matthew

Booksellers John of God

Boys Nicholas, Aloysius

Brewers Amand

Bricklayers Stephen

Brides Dorothy

Bridgebuilders John Nepomuk, Benezet

Broadcasters Gabriel

Builders Vincent Ferrer

Bursars Joseph

Cab-drivers Fiacre

Canonists Raymund of Pennafort

Carpenters Joseph

Castle-chapels George

Catechists Charles Borromeo, Robert Bellarmine

Cats Gertrude of Nivelles

Cemeteries Michael, Anne

Charcoal-burners Theobald

Charitable societies Elizabeth of Hungary, Vincent de Paul

Children Nicholas, Lambert

Clothworkers Homobonus

Coachmen Richard of Chichester

Cobblers Crispin and Crispinian

Conservationists Francis of Assisi

Cooks Laurence, Martha

Cripples Giles, Gilbert of Sempringham

Dairymaids Brigid

Dancers Vitus

Deacons Laurence, Stephen

Dentists Apollonia

Desperate cases Jude, Rita of Cascia

Diplomats Gabriel

Doctors Luke, Cosmas and Damian

Dogs (healthy) Hubert

Dogs (mad) Sithney

Drapers Louis

Dyers Maurice

Dying Barbara, Joseph, Margaret

Ecologists Francis of Assisi

Ecumenists Cyril and Methodius, Josaphat

Editors Antony Claret, John Bosco

Emigrants Frances Cabrini

Engineers Ferdinand

Epileptics Dympna, Vitus

Eye-diseases Lucy, Odile

Farriers Eloi

Fathers Joseph

Firefighters Agatha, Laurence

Fishermen Andrew, Peter, Simon, Zeno, Nicholas, Magnus

Florists Dorothy, Rose of Lima

Funeral directors Joseph of Arimathea

Gardeners Fiacre, Phocas, Rose of Lima

Girls Agnes, Catherine, Nicholas, Ursula

Goldsmiths Dunstan, Eloi

Grocers Michael

Gunners Barbara

Hairdressers (ladies') Mary Magdalen

Hairdressers (men's) Martin de Porres, Cosmas and Damian

Headache sufferers Gereon, Stephen

Heart patients John of God

Hermits Antony, Giles, Hilarion

Holy death Joseph

Homeless Benedict Joseph Labre

Hopeless cases Jude, Rita of Cascia

Horses Giles, Hippolytus

Hospitals Camillus, John of God

Hoteliers Amand, Julian, Martha

Housewives Martha, Zita

Huntsmen Eustace, Hubert

Husbandmen George

Infantrymen Maurice

Insane Dympna

Intestinal disease sufferers Erasmus

Invalids Roch

Jewellers Eloi

Journalists Francis of Sales

Judges Ivo of Brittany

Jurists John of Capistrano

Kings Edward, Louis, Henry

Knights George, James the Great

Lawyers Hilary, Thomas More, Ivo of Brittany

Lay-brothers Gerard Majella

Lay-sisters Martha

Leather workers Crispin and Crispinian

Lepers Giles

Librarians Jerome

Lighthousemen Clement

Lost articles Antony of Padua

Lovers Valentine

Married women Monica

Mentally ill Dympna

Merchants Nicholas, Homobonus

Midwives Pantaleon, Raymond Nonnatus, Dorothy

Miners Barbara

Missionaries Francis Xavier, Theresa of Lisieux, Leonard of Port Maurice

Missionary bishops Paul, Turibius

Monks John the Baptist, Antony, Benedict

Mothers Blessed Virgin Mary, Giles, Monica

Motorists Christopher, Frances of Rome

Mountaineers Bernard of Aosta

Musicians Cecilia, Gregory

Mystics and mystical theologians John of the Cross

Naturalists Albert the Great

Navigators Brendan, Erasmus, Nicholas

Negroes Peter Claver, Martin de Porres

Nuns Blessed Virgin Mary, Scholastica

Nurses Camillus, Elizabeth of Hungary, John of God

Orphans Antony of Padua, Vincent DePaul

Painters Luke

Paralysed Osmund, Andrew Arellino

Parish priests Jean-Baptiste-Vianney

Pawnbrokers Nicholas

Penitents Mary Magdalene

Perfumiers Nicholas

Philosophers Justin, Catherine of Alexandria

Pilgrims James, Mennas, Benedict Labre

Poets Columba, John of the Cross

Politicians Thomas More

Poor Antony of Padua, Martin Porres, Laurence, Nicholas, Ivo, Vincent De Paul

Popes Peter, Gregory the Great

Preachers John Chrysostom, Bernardino of Siena

Pregnant women Margaret of Antioch

Printers Augustine, John of God

Prisoners Dismas, Leonard, Roch, Ferdinand.

Publishers John the Apostle

Race relations Martin de Porres, Peter Claver

Radiologists Michael

Repentant prostitutes Mary Magdalen, Mary of Egypt, Margaret of Cortona

Restaurants Martha

Retreatants Ignatius of Loyola

Rheumatism sufferers James the Great, Philip Neri

Sailors Nicholas, Francis of Paola, Phocas

Scholars Bede, Jerome

Schoolboys Nicholas, John Bosco

Schoolgirls Catherine, Ursula

Scientists Albert the Great

Scouts George

Secretaries Mark, Genesius

Servants Zita

Shepherds Cuthbert, Bernadette

Sick people Michael, Camillus, etc.

Singers Cecilia, Gregory

Soldiers George, Maurice, Oswald, James the Great

Speleologists Benedict

Starving Antony of Padua

Stonemasons Four Crowned Martyrs

Students Catherine of Alexandria, Thomas Aquinas, Aloysius Gonzaga

Surgeons Cosmas and Damian, Luke

Syphilis sufferers Fiacre, George

Tailors Homobonus

Tax-collectors Matthew

Taxi-drivers Fiacre

Teachers John Baptist de la Salle

Telecommunications Gabriel

Television Clare of Assisi

Theologians John the Evangelist, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Alphonsus

Thieves Dismas

Throat sufferers Blaise

Toothache sufferers Apollonia, Medard, Osmund, Cunibert

Tourists Francis Xavier

Tramps Benedict Joseph Labre

Travellers Christopher, Julian, Magi

University Lecturers John of Kanti, Thomas Aquinas

Virgins Blessed Virgin Mary, Agnes, etc.

Weavers Maurice, Bernardino of Siena

Widows Monica, Paula, Anne, Frances of Rome

Wine trade Amand, Vincent of Saragossa

Women, unhappily married Wilgefortis, Rita of Cascia

Workers Joseph

Writers John the Evangelist, Francis de Sales

Youth Aloysius Gonzaga, John Bosco

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Subjects: Christianity.

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