Welcome to the Oxford Index, a free search and discovery tool from Oxford University Press. The Index is designed to help you begin your research journey by providing a single, convenient search portal for trusted scholarship from Oxford and our partners, and then point you to the most relevant related materials – from journal articles to scholarly monographs. One search brings together top quality content and unlocks connections in a way not previously possible.



What’s Inside?

The Oxford Index contains a cross-searchable set of nearly one million “index cards,” each representing a single article, chapter, journal, or book. Index pages display key information (including abstracts and keywords) about an item, helping you to judge the relevance of that content to your research.

The Oxford Index Beta currently includes indexing of:

About the Beta

Developed in partnership with the academic and librarian community, the Oxford Index will continue to evolve as we build new functionality, increase linking, and add new content to enhance the user experience. Each release will see the addition of hundreds of thousands of new 'index cards' and further enhancements to site features.

New functionality includes:

  • Thousands of trusted Overview Pages that offer at-a-glance descriptions on a range of topics, from "globalization" to "chorizo"

  • COMING SOON: Additional metadata from acclaimed Oxford University Press law online products such as Oxford Reports on International Law


    We welcome your feedback as the Oxford Index service continues to evolve and expand. Please contact us at oxfordindex@oup.com with comments, questions, or suggestions.

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