Bar Cochba

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Overview page. Subjects: Judaism and Jewish Studies.

(c. 50–132),

Jewish Rabbi. Akiba ben Joseph was the most influential rabbi of his generation. As teacher of the renowned Rabbi Meir he prob. much influenced the Mishnah. He...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

(1st cent.).

According to Papias (as reported by Eusebius), he was a primary authority, with John the Presbyter, for the traditions about the Lord.

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Jewish Revolt

Overview page. Subjects: Military History — World History.

A serious nationalist uprising led by the Zealots against Roman rule (66–70ad). In response Vespasian invaded Palestine with 60,000 troops and by 68 the rebels were confined to the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

The site of some ruins at the NW end of the Dead Sea, near which the first of the Dead Sea Scrolls was found in 1947; further finds were made in later years.

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