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arrested development

Overview page. Subjects: Law — Environmental Science.

An incomplete ecological succession that has not reached the natural climax stage, usually as a result of human disturbance or alteration which is reflected in subclimax and plagioclimax...

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deflected climax

Overview page. Subjects: Ecology and Conservation.

A vegetation climax that is maintained by the activities of other organisms (e.g. by browsing, grazing, mowing, etc.). See plagioclimax.

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Overview page. Subjects: Ecology and Conservation — Plant Sciences and Forestry.

In the monoclimax model of vegetation development, a plant community replacing the climax community following an environmental disturbance, e.g. the introduction and maintenance of grazing...

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Overview page. Subjects: Biological Sciences — Environmental Science.

A major terrestrial biome in which the dominant plants are species of grass; the rainfall is insufficient to support extensive growth of trees, which are also suppressed by grazing animals....

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