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Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health — Science and Mathematics.


a substance, such as water, that is added to a solution or mixture to decrease its viscosity, enabling ease of administration, or to decrease its toxicity or potency.


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fissure sealant

Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.

(in dentistry) a material that is bonded to the enamel surface of teeth to seal the fissures, in order to prevent dental caries. Composite resins, unfilled resins, and glass ionomer cements...

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Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.

A chemical reaction (also known as curing) in which the molecules of a simple substance (monomer) are linked together to form large molecules (polymers) whose molecular weight is a multiple...

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Overview page. Subjects: Dentistry.

Any of a class of solid or semi-solid organic products, usually polymers of natural or synthetic origin; they are soluble in ether or acetone but insoluble in water. Polymethylmethacrylate...

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