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Claidheamh Soluis

Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Religion.

(Sword of Light), established in 1899 as the newspaper of the Gaelic League. It was edited by Eoin MacNeill (1899–1901) and Patrick Pearse (1903–9). It continued under the names Fáinne ...


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Desmond Ryan

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


man of letters; born in London, son of W. P. Ryan, he came to Ireland and was educated at Patrick Pearse's school, St. Enda's, becoming a teacher there and ...

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St Enda's

Overview page. Subjects: Lifestyle, Home, and Garden — European History.

Rathfarnham, County Dublin, Ireland, was a bilingual boarding school for boys founded in 1910 by Patrick Pearse (1879–1916), the Irish nationalist, educationist, and writer. The house,...

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Pádhraic Óg Ó Conaire

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.


novelist and short-story writer. Born in Ros Muc, Connemara, and educated locally, he was one of Patrick Pearse's first pupils at St. Enda's. He joined the IRB [see...

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Íosagán agus Sgéalta Eile

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(1907), a collection of four short stories of children by Pádraic Mac Piarais (Patrick Pearse). With their frank adoption of the form and technique of the modern short story they ...

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The Price of Kelp in Connemara

Anne Markey.

in Synge and Edwardian Ireland

November 2011; p ublished online January 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Literary Studies (Plays and Playwrights). 7830 words.

This chapter compares and contrasts Synge’s use of Irish folklore with Patrick Pearse’s approach to that same repository of communal traditions, relationships, practices and beliefs. It...

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Ghosts and Spectres: Theatres of War, 1910–1916


in The Theatre of Nation

November 2002; p ublished online January 2010 .

Chapter. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945). 22029 words.

This chapter tracks the impact on the theatre of the radicalisation of Irish politics following the General Election of 1910. The momentary success of the Home Rule Bill (1912) is set...

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Between the Redmondite and Revolutionary Generations

Colin W. Reid.

in Uncertain Futures

June 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945). 7851 words.

In Vivid Faces (2014) Roy Foster pioneered a generational approach to the study of Irish revolutionary mentalities in the shadow of the Easter Rising of 1916, showcasing the radicalism of...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literary Studies (Early and Medieval).

An indirect or passing reference to some event, person, place, or artistic work, the nature and relevance of which is not explained by the writer but relies on the reader's familiarity with...

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Irish Birmingham

James Moran.

March 2010; p ublished online June 2013 .

Book. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945). 284 pages.

Birmingham has long been shaped by its Irish residents. The migration caused by Ireland's potato famine gave Birmingham the fourth highest Irish-born population of any English or Welsh town...

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Why Leopold Bloom Menstruates

Austin Briggs.

in Bloomsday 100

October 2009; p ublished online September 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Literary Studies (20th Century onwards). 9629 words.

This chapter examines a persistent vein of imagery in James Joyce's Ulysses which cross-associates Bloom with stereotypical properties of Jewishness, particularly those of effeminacy and...

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Ann Andrews.

in Newspapers and Newsmakers

April 2015; p ublished online September 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 8977 words.

This book closes with a critical assessment of the Dublin nationalist press in mid-nineteenth century Ireland. It discusses the challenges that faced the political activists, the concept of...

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Remembering Sion

Frances Flanagan.

in Remembering the Revolution

June 2015; p ublished online August 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: Modern History (1700 to 1945); Political History. 15107 words.

Chapter 5 describes the life of a widely read but relatively unstudied nationalist historian, Desmond Ryan, and his radically changing views of the revolution. Ryan began as a disciple and...

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Imagining the Rising

Nicholas Allen.

in The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre

July 2016; p ublished online September 2016 .

Article. Subjects: Literature; Literary Studies (Plays and Playwrights); Literary Studies (20th Century onwards). 8023 words.

Several of the leaders of the Rising—Patrick Pearse, Thomas McDonagh, and James Connolly—wrote plays, and many were closely engaged in theatrical enterprises (often conceived as...

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Republicanism's Holy Grail: ‘One Nation United, Gaelic and Free’

Timothy Shanahan.

in The Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Morality of Terrorism

December 2008; p ublished online March 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: UK Politics. 10579 words.

This chapter brings together and examines arguments that attempt to establish a right of the Irish people to a united, independent thirty-two-county Irish state. It distinguishes between...

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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

1 St Énna of Aran, a shadowy but historical figure of the 6th century, whose feastday is 21 March. After a youth spent in warraiding, Énna entered the religious life, partially...

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Clair Wills.

in British and Irish Literature

P ublished online September 2012 .

Article. Subjects: Literary Studies (British and Irish). 10519 words.

The Easter Rising of 1916 is seen as the most significant single event in modern Irish history. On Monday, 24 April 1916, a group of Irish Volunteers, led by members of the secret...

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Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

Philip Coleman.

in British and Irish Literature

P ublished online July 2018 .

Article. Subjects: Literary Studies (British and Irish). 5001 words.

Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin was born in the Irish city of Cork in 1942. She obtained BA and MA degrees from University College Cork in the early 1960s before moving to Oxford, England, where she...

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Northern Ireland

Rainer Grote.

Reference Entry. Subjects: Public International Law; International Law; Law. 9794 words.

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