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Battle of Bunker Hill

Overview page. Subjects: History — Warfare and Defence.

(17 June 1775)

A battle in the American War of Independence ending in a British victory. Thomas Gage, the British commander besieged in Boston, sent 2400 troops (redcoats) to take...

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Part IV Priorities, 14 Exceptions to the Nemo Dat Rule

Hugh Beale, Michael Bridge, Louise Gullifer and Eva Lomnicka.

in The Law of Security and Title-Based Financing

March 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 57 pages. 37639 words.

This chapter illustrates how a person who acquires a legal interest in good faith and without notice takes priority over the holder of an equitable interest. The person acquiring the legal...

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The Natural Right to Intervene

Richard V. Meyer and Mark David ‘Max’ Maxwell.

in Journal of International Criminal Justice

July 2009; p ublished online July 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Criminal Law; International Law. 9042 words.

One can draw a parallel between the restrictions states place on their soldiers’ use of force and the manner in which the United Nations restricts a state's use of force under Article 2(4)...

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Zero Dark Thirty: international law, film and representation

Daniel Joyce and Gabrielle Simm.

in London Review of International Law

September 2015; p ublished online August 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public International Law. 10235 words.

This article explores the relationship between film and international law by reference to the feature film Zero Dark Thirty (2012). The authors examine this film in the context of...

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Art.2 Scope

Stuart Casey-Maslen, Andrew Clapham, Gilles Giacca and Sarah Parker.

in The Arms Trade Treaty: A Commentary

June 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Public International Law; International Law; Law. 79 pages. 44005 words.

This chapter discusses Article 2 of the ATT. The article delineates the scope of the ATT, identifying the categories of conventional arms and types of activities that are formally subject...

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