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Overview page. Subjects: History.

The largest country in South America. Brazil borders ten countries, has a coastline 7400 km (4600 miles) long, and straddles the equator from latitude 4° N to past latitude 33° S.


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Evidence of Natural Hybridization in Brazilian Wild Lineages of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Raquel Barbosa, Pedro Almeida, Silvana V.B. Safar, Renata Oliveira Santos, Paula B. Morais, Lou Nielly-Thibault, Jean-Baptiste Leducq, Christian R. Landry, Paula Gonçalves, Carlos A. Rosa and José Paulo Sampaio.

in Genome Biology and Evolution

P ublished online January 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Evolutionary Biology; Genetics and Genomics. 8486 words.

The natural biology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the best known unicellular model eukaryote, remains poorly documented and understood although recent progress has started to change this...

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TriatoKey: a web and mobile tool for biodiversity identification of Brazilian triatomine species

Luciana Márcia de Oliveira, Raissa Nogueira de Brito, Paul Anderson Souza Guimarães, Rômulo Vitor Mastrângelo Amaro dos Santos, Liléia Gonçalves Diotaiuti, Rita de Cássia Moreira de Souza and Jeronimo Conceição Ruiz.

in Database

P ublished online April 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Ecology and Conservation; Evolutionary Biology. 2074 words.


Triatomines are blood-sucking insects that transmit the causative agent of Chagas disease, Trypanosoma cruzi. Despite being recognized as a difficult...

How Social Structure Drives the Population Dynamics of the Common Vampire Bat (Desmodus rotundus, Phyllostomidae)

Maïlis Huguin, Nidia Arechiga-Ceballos, Marguerite Delaval, Amandine Guidez, Isaï Jorge de Castro, Vincent Lacoste, Arielle Salmier, Alvaro Aguilar Setién, Claudia Regina Silva, Anne Lavergne and Benoit de Thoisy.

in Journal of Heredity

May 2018; p ublished online December 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Population Genetics; Genome Analysis. 9912 words.


Social systems are major drivers of population structure and gene flow, with important effects on dynamics and dispersal of associated populations of...