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Overview page. Subjects: Warfare and Defence — Maritime History.

Of a ship, to sink at sea, generally understood to be by the flooding of its hull either through springing a leak or through striking a rock. Other causes of a ship sinking, such as...

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The effects of entombment on water chemistry and bacterial assemblages in closed cryoconite holes on Antarctic glaciers

Jenny G. Webster-Brown, Ian Hawes, Anne D. Jungblut, Susanna A. Wood and Hannah K. Christenson.

Edited by Max Häggblom.

in FEMS Microbiology Ecology

December 2015; p ublished online November 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Soil Science; Biotechnology; Genetics and Genomics; Microbiology; Molecular and Cell Biology. 9902 words.

Graphical Abstract Figure.

Glacial closed cryoconite holes contain microbial communities are influenced by both founder populations and water chemistry during the evolution of these unique...

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