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Overview page. Subjects: Warfare and Defence — Maritime History.

Of a ship, to sink at sea, generally understood to be by the flooding of its hull either through springing a leak or through striking a rock. Other causes of a ship sinking, such as...

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Amazons Everywhere

Eller Cynthia.

in Gentlemen and Amazons

March 2011; p ublished online May 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 9060 words.

This chapter examines the matriarchal myth before J.J. Bachofen introduced his matriarchal narratives. It shows that Amazon stories had been very popular since ancient times, which signals...

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Awareness and Change

Webb Keane.

in Ethical Life

October 2015; p ublished online October 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 11793 words.

This chapter discusses the idea of ethical history, looking at situations in which hitherto taken-for-granted aspects of everyday life came to be the focus of attention, such as feminist...

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Berlin’s Monopoly

Rainer F. Buschmann.

in Anthropology's Global Histories

October 2008; p ublished online November 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 7159 words.

Despite his opposition to colonial expansion and annexation, Berlin Ethnological Museum founder Adolf Bastian realized the possibilities for research emerging from German imperial ventures....

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Mending the Mothers of Ethiopia: Institutional Roots, Logic, and Mission

Anita Hannig.

in Beyond Surgery

April 2017; p ublished online September 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 10952 words.

Introducing the institutional dimensions of fistula treatment in Ethiopia, this chapter provides historical background to the mission of Hamlin fistula hospitals and analyzes core facets of...

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Who Deserves Housing?: The Battle for East Thirteenth Street

Amy Starecheski.

in Ours to Lose

November 2016; p ublished online May 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 18881 words.

Chapter Two also opens with the first-person voices of squatters, this time not the founders but the later occupants of the six squatted buildings on East 13th Street. It is clear from...

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Cybernetic Loops

Peter Harries-Jones.

in Upside-Down Gods

May 2016; p ublished online September 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social and Cultural Anthropology. 8843 words.

Post–World War Two, Bateson moves to the study of cybernetics and communication and shows that material dimensions of mass, length, time and their derivatives, of which thermodynamic energy...

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Culture and Personality

Robert A. LeVine.

in Anthropology

P ublished online July 2016 .

Article. Subjects: Anthropology; Human Evolution; Medical Anthropology; Physical Anthropology; Social and Cultural Anthropology. 7863 words.

“Culture and personality” (also known as “personality and culture” and “culture-and-personality studies”) was an interdisciplinary movement seeking to unite psychology with anthropology in...

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