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Long-distance race. The standard marathon is 42.2km (26.2mi) long, which was the distance run by the ancient Greek soldier who brought news to Athens of victory over the Persians at the...

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Chronic and acute effects of endurance training on telomere length

Andrea Borghini, Guido Giardini, Alessandro Tonacci, Francesca Mastorci, Antonella Mercuri, Simona Mrakic Sposta, Sarah Moretti, Maria Grazia Andreassi and Lorenza Pratali.

in Mutagenesis

September 2015; p ublished online May 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics; Genetics and Genomics. 4544 words.

Telomere shortening is considered a cellular marker of health status and biological ageing. Exercise may influence the health and lifespan of an individual by affecting telomere length...

A Large Community Outbreak of Blastomycosis in Wisconsin With Geographic and Ethnic Clustering

Monika Roy, Kaitlin Benedict, Eszter Deak, Miles A. Kirby, Jena T. McNiel, Carrie J. Sickler, Eileen Eckardt, Ruth K. Marx, Richard T. Heffernan, Jennifer K. Meece, Bruce S. Klein, John R. Archer, Joan Theurer, Jeffrey P. Davis and Benjamin J. Park.

in Clinical Infectious Diseases

September 2013; p ublished online June 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Infectious Diseases; Immunology; Public Health and Epidemiology; Microbiology. 4321 words.


Blastomycosis is a potentially life-threatening infection caused by the soil-based dimorphic fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis, which is endemic...

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