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Overview page. Subjects: Biological Sciences.

A more or less permanently wet area of mineral soil (as opposed to a peaty area), typically found around the edges of a lake or on an undrained river flood-plain. Colloquially, ‘marsh’ is...

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‘Roma o morte’ Garibaldi, Nationalism and the Problem of Psycho-biography

Daniel Pick.

in History Workshop Journal

January 2004; p ublished online January 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: History of Gender and Sexuality; Public History; Labour History; Oral History; Social and Cultural History. 0 words.

In 1875, a few years after the completion of Italian unification, General Giuseppe Garibaldi, the military hero of the Risorgimento, left his island retreat in the Mediterranean on a...

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Oil and Environment in Mexico

Myrna Santiago.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

P ublished online August 2016 .

Article. Subjects: Latin American History; Environmental History; International History; History of Science and Technology; Labour History. 10612 words.

Before there was Mexico, there was oil. Millennia of organic matter that collapsed and liquefied into fossil fuel rested deep underground and underwater along the half-moon territorial...

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