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Overview page. Subjects: Biological Sciences.

A more or less permanently wet area of mineral soil (as opposed to a peaty area), typically found around the edges of a lake or on an undrained river flood-plain. Colloquially, ‘marsh’ is...

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Lived Theology 101

Lori Brandt Hale.

in Lived Theology

December 2016; p ublished online November 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Christian Theology. 5847 words.

Reflecting on the experience of teaching Marsh’s God’s Long Summer in the general education curriculum at a church-related liberal arts college, Hale notes that, exploring the claim “what...

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Restorationists and New Movements in North America

Douglas A. Foster.

in The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions, Volume III

May 2017; p ublished online May 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Religious Studies; Christian Theology. 8106 words.

The American Revolution inspired new movements with a longing to restore what they believed was a primitive and pure form of the church, uncorrupted by the accretions of the centuries....

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York, Thomas of (b. c. 1220, d. before 1269), Franciscan friar and theologian

Jeremy Catto.

in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

September 2004; p ublished online September 2004 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church; Theology. 583 words.

York, Thomas of (b. c. 1220, d. before 1269), Franciscan friar and theologian, of unknown parentage, had entered the Franciscan order in England by 1245, when Adam Marsh (d....