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New Image Painting

Overview page. Subjects: Art.

A vague term applied since the late 1970s to the work of certain painters who employ a strident figurative style, often with cartoon-like imagery and abrasive handling owing something to...

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If you can't see it, you can miss it: the role of biomedical imaging in radiation oncology

W. Schlegel.

in Radiation Protection Dosimetry

January 2010; p ublished online March 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Nuclear Chemistry, Photochemistry, and Radiation. 3488 words.

During the last three decades, 3D imaging as X-ray computerised tomography and magnetic resonance imaging was introduced to characterise tumour morphology for an improved delineation of the...

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A Dream Is a Creation, Not a Replay. A Dream Always Makes New Connections, Guided by Emotion

Ernest Hartmann.

in The Nature and Functions of Dreaming

November 2010; p ublished online January 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Cognitive Psychology. 2994 words.

Dreaming always makes new connections. It does not replay what was experienced in waking life. Even dreams usually thought of as replays—for instance repetitive or recurrent dreams, and...

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The Cucurbit Images (1515–1518) of the Villa Farnesina, Rome


in Annals of Botany

February 2006; p ublished online November 2005 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Ecology and Conservation; Evolutionary Biology; Plant Sciences and Forestry. 7381 words.

Background The gorgeous frescoes organized by the master Renaissance painter Raphael Sanzio (1483–1520) and illustrating the heavenly adventures of Cupid and Psyche were painted between...