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Olympic Games

Overview page. Subjects: Sport and Leisure.

An ancient Greek festival with athletic, literary, and musical competitions held at Olympia every four years, traditionally from 776 bc until abolished by the Roman emperor Theodosius I in...

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Multicultural Sport Psychology’s Consulting Role in the United States Activist–Athlete Movement

Jessica L. David, Jesse A. Steinfeldt, I. S. Keino Miller and Jacqueline E. Hyman.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology

P ublished online January 2019 .

Article. Subjects: Health Psychology. 8295 words.

Multiculturalism is a broad term that encapsulates a number of idealistic constructs related to inclusion, understanding the diverse experiences of others, and creating...

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Arousal Control in Sport

Martin Turner and Marc Jones.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology

P ublished online January 2018 .

Article. Subjects: Health Psychology. 10934 words.

Sport and stress are intertwined. Muhammad Ali once said, “I always felt pressure before a big fight, because what was happening was real.” As this quote attests, sport is real, unscripted,...

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Sport and Performance Psychology: A Look Ahead

Kirsten Peterson, Charles Brown, Sean McCann and Shane M. Murphy.

in The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology

August 2012; p ublished online November 2012 .

Article. Subjects: Psychology; Health Psychology. 9735 words.

As editor of this Handbook, I felt it was necessary to have a concluding chapter that discussed some of the main themes of the book and also looked ahead, anticipating the potential...

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Religion and Spirituality in Sport

Ivo Jirásek.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology

P ublished online December 2018 .

Article. Subjects: Social Psychology; Health Psychology. 8642 words.

Religion, spirituality, and sport is an increasingly popular discipline in the sport psychology framework, often based on one’s own faith and religious beliefs. The spiritual dimension of...

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Humanistic Theory in Sport, Performance, and Sports Coaching Psychology

Rebecca K. Dickinson, Tristan J. Coulter and Clifford J. Mallett.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology

P ublished online March 2019 .

Article. Subjects: History and Systems in Psychology; Research Methods in Psychology; Health Psychology. 9636 words.

As a basic psychological framework, humanistic theory emphasizes a strong interest in human welfare, values, and dignity. It involves the study and understanding of the unique whole person...

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