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Overview page. Subjects: Computing.


Abbrev. for printed circuit board. See printed circuit.

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Early pharmacokinetic of ropivacaine without epinephrine after injection into the psoas compartment

M. Hübler, M. C. Planitz and O. Vicent.

Edited by M. M. R. F. Struys.

in BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia

January 2015; p ublished online October 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Anaesthetics. 2785 words.


Large amounts of local anaesthetics (LA) are used during psoas compartment block (PCB), especially if combined with sciatic nerve block. Data...

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Psoas compartment block for lower extremity surgery: a meta-analysis

S. T. Touray, M. A. de Leeuw, W. W. A. Zuurmond and R. S. G. M. Perez.

in BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia

December 2008; p ublished online October 2008 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Anaesthetics. 5899 words.

Psoas compartment block (PCB) is a potentially useful but controversial technique for lower limb surgery. We have conducted a systematic review of the efficacy and safety of PCB for...

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Tramadol as adjunct to psoas compartment block with levobupivacaine 0.5%: a randomized double-blinded study

S. Mannion, S. O'Callaghan, D. B. Murphy and G. D. Shorten.

in BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia

March 2005; p ublished online December 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Anaesthetics. 3460 words.

Background. Tramadol has been administered peripherally to prolong analgesia after brachial plexus and neuraxial blocks. Our aim was to evaluate the systemic and perineural...

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