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Overview page. Subjects: Computing.


Abbrev. for printed circuit board. See printed circuit.

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Luís Carlos Prestes

Overview page. Subjects: Politics.

(b. Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, 1898; d. Rio de Janeiro, 7 Mar. 1990)

Brazilian; Revolutionary leader and head of ‘Prestes Column’ 1924–7, Secretary-General of the PCB Luís...

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Cleaning Wisconsin’s Waters: From Command and Control to Collaborative Decision Making

Michael E. Kraft.

in Toward Sustainable Communities

March 2009; p ublished online August 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: Environment. 9654 words.

This chapter reviews the recent history of the struggle to clean up the Fox-Wolf River Basin in Northeastern Wisconsin, which surrounds metropolitan Green Bay. It highlights the strategies...

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The Postwar Pollution Boom

Nancy Langston.

in Sustaining Lake Superior

October 2017; p ublished online May 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Conservation of the Environment (Social Science). 7920 words.

For fifty years, paper towns along Lake Superior boomed: Marathon, Terrace Bay, Thunder Bay, Ontonagon, Munising. But the human and environmental costs of intensive pulp production began to...

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The Federal Government’s Response to Environmental Inequality

David M. Konisky.

in Failed Promises

March 2015; p ublished online September 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social Impact of Environmental Issues (Social Science). 10507 words.

Chapter 2 provides a historical overview of the political, social, and academic roots of the federal government’s environmental justice policy activities. The chapter begins with the case...

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Paying the Pipers: Mitigating the Impact of Anticoagulant Rodenticides on Predators and Scavengers

John E. Elliott, Barnett A. Rattner, Richard F. Shore and Nico W Van Den Brink.

in BioScience

May 2016; p ublished online April 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Environmental Science; Biological Sciences; Environment. 4346 words.

Anticoagulant rodenticides, mainly second-generation forms, or SGARs, dominate the global market for rodent control. Introduced in the 1970s to counter genetic resistance in rodent...

The limitations on choice: Palestinian women's childbirth location, dissatisfaction with the place of birth and determinants

Rita Giacaman, Niveen M. E. Abu-Rmeileh and Laura Wick.

in The European Journal of Public Health

February 2007; p ublished online February 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public Health and Epidemiology; Economics of Health; Health, Illness, and Medicine. 4306 words.

Background: Analysing the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Demographic and Health Survey 2004 (DHS-2004) data, this article focuses on the question of where...

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A Dialogical Approach to Trade and Environment

Elizabeth Trujillo.

in Journal of International Economic Law

September 2013; p ublished online August 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Financial Law; Public International Law; Economics. 22916 words.

Traditionally, supporters of free trade and environmentalists have regarded each other as the obstacle to development, and both sides have very different views as to what constitutes...

The Impact of WTO Transparency Rules: Is the 10,000th SPS Notification a Cause for Celebration?—A Case Study of EU Practice

Chris Downes.

in Journal of International Economic Law

June 2012; p ublished online March 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Financial Law; Public International Law; Economics. 9842 words.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) members are increasingly notifying trading partners of changes to domestic legislation under Article 7 and Annex B of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary...

Scoping the Boundary Between the Trade Law and Investment Law Regimes: When Does A Measure Relate to Investment?

Arwel Davies.

in Journal of International Economic Law

September 2012; p ublished online July 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Financial Law; Public International Law; Economics. 14629 words.

The interaction between trade and investment dispute settlement proceedings has been described by investment tribunals and academic commentators as complex, and as at an infant stage. This...

Treaty Structure and Public Interest Regulation in International Economic Law

Bradly J. Condon.

in Journal of International Economic Law

June 2014; p ublished online May 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Financial Law; Public International Law; International Economic Law; Economics. 11051 words.

This article analyzes how treaty structure affects regulatory autonomy by shifting the point in a treaty in which tribunals address public interest regulation. The article also analyzes how...