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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

A narrow‐minded adherence to a particular sect (political, ethnic, or religious), often leading to conflict with those of different sects or possessing different beliefs. Sectarian...

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Facing Mount Kenya or Facing Mecca? The Mungiki, ethnic violence and the politics of the Moi succession in Kenya, 1987–2002

Peter Mwangi Kagwanja.

in African Affairs

January 2003; p ublished online January 2003 .

Journal Article. Subjects: African History; International Relations; Regional Political Studies; African Studies. 0 words.

Kenya's return to pluralist politics in the early 1990s saw the eruption of political violence that has since laid siege to human rights and democracy. This article discusses ...

Neither Citizen Nor Subject? ‘Lumpen’ Agency and the Legacy of Native Administration in Sierra Leone

Richard Fanthorpe.

in African Affairs

July 2001; p ublished online July 2001 .

Journal Article. Subjects: African Studies; International Relations; African History; Regional Political Studies. 0 words.

The recent conflict in Sierra Leone presents a challenge for analysis. Elite elements have not had the prominence predicted by models of ‘warlord’ political economy, but alternative ethnic...

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in African Affairs

July 1999; p ublished online July 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: African Studies; International Relations; African History; Regional Political Studies. 0 words.

African archaeology, both in theory and practice, suffers from a burdensome colonial experience. By gaining independence, the temptation to fashion the past in terms of models of European...

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Shane Doyle and Aidan Stonehouse.

in African Studies

P ublished online September 2013 .

Article. Subjects: African History; African Languages; African Music; African Philosophy; African Studies. 17849 words.

The region that would take the name Uganda became part of the British Empire in the 1890s. Blessed with relatively fertile soils and reliable rainfall, Uganda would become one of the most...


Janet Moore Lindman.

in Atlantic History

P ublished online August 2013 .

Article. Subjects: History of the Americas; European History; African History; History; Regional and National History. 6000 words.

The Baptist religion began in Continental Europe during the early 16th century. Known as Anabaptism, it emerged as a radical alternative to Lutheranism. A variety of Anabaptists formed in...