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Overview page. Subjects: Religion.

A narrow‐minded adherence to a particular sect (political, ethnic, or religious), often leading to conflict with those of different sects or possessing different beliefs. Sectarian...

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Violent Urbanization and Homogenization of Space and Place: Reconstructing the Story of Sectarian Violence in Beirut

Nasser Yassin.

in Urbanization and Development

October 2010; p ublished online January 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Economic Development and Growth. 5975 words.

This chapter aims at understanding the dynamics of sectarian violence in Beirut in the early phase of the Lebanese civil war (1975–〈N〉7) and the process of dividing the city into various...

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Exploring equity, diversity and interdependence through dialogue and understanding in rural Northern Ireland

Michael Murray and Brendan Murtagh.

in Community Development Journal

October 2003; p ublished online October 2003 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Social Impact of Environmental Issues (Environmental Science); Development Studies; Development Planning and Policy; Public Policy. 0 words.

There is growing consciousness that if communities are being encouraged to more fully embrace ideas of inclusiveness and diversity, then so also do the service organizations with which they...

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Urban segregation and community initiatives in Northern Ireland

Brendan Murtagh.

in Community Development Journal

July 1999; p ublished online July 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Development Studies; Public Policy; Social Impact of Environmental Issues (Environmental Science); Development Planning and Policy. 0 words.

ABSTRACT The community problems created by Belfast's ethnic map are complex and severe. Poverty, accentuated by sectarian territory, has created intense social malaise in highly segregated ...

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