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The "Popular Story"

David Gleicher.

in The Rescue of the Third Class on the Titanic

January 2006; p ublished online January 2019 .

Chapter. Subjects: Maritime History. 13739 words.

This chapter introduces the concept of the “popular story”, a combination of the dramatisations of the Titanic’s fate in literature and film, and survivor accounts that fail to include...

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replica ship

Overview page. Subjects: Maritime History.

A full-scale reproduction of a vessel, usually a ship from the past. Some have been used in marine archaeology to assess the construction materials, handling ability, etc. of the original...

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Alan Villiers

Overview page. Subjects: Maritime History — Literature.


British master mariner and maritime author, born in Melbourne, Australia. He went to sea at the age of 15 in the barque Rothesay Bay and served altogether five years in...

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Jacques Cousteau

Overview page. Subjects: Maritime History — Contemporary History (Post 1945).


French naval officer, explorer, and one of the pioneers of oceanography, best known for developing, with Émile Gagnan, the aqualung for diving, and for his documentaries...

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