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Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Arts and Humanities.

Many sociological and anthropological definitions exist, but most tend to privilege some combination of small-scale, relative boundedness, strong affective ties, traditionalism, and...

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The 2002 Olympic Games of Protein Structure Prediction

Daniel Fischer and Leszek Rychlewski.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

March 2003; p ublished online March 2003 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 3144 words.

The summer of every even year is considered by the protein structure prediction community as the Olympic Games season, because in addition to a number of continuous benchmarking experiments...

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Protein Design is NP-hard

Niles A. Pierce and Erik Winfree.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

October 2002; p ublished online October 2002 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 3018 words.

Biologists working in the area of computational protein design have never doubted the seriousness of the algorithmic challenges that face them in attempting in silico sequence selection. It...

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Data standards for minimum information collection for antibody therapy experiments

M. Yong, B. Tolner, S. Nagl, R.B. Pedley, K. Chester, A.J. Green, A. Mayer, S. Sharma and R. Begent.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

March 2009; p ublished online March 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 2432 words.

Research groups developing antibody therapies generate diverse data sets; the value of these sets would be compounded when shared or amalgamated. A complete amalgamation of diverse data...

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The consequences of pathogenic mutations to the human prion protein

Marc W. van der Kamp and Valerie Daggett.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

August 2009; p ublished online July 2009 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 5169 words.

Prion diseases, in which the conformational transition of the native prion protein (PrP) to a misfolded form causes aggregation and subsequent neurodegeneration, have fascinated the...

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An improved method for an efficient and easily accessible eukaryotic ribosome display technology

J.A. Douthwaite, M.A. Groves, P. Dufner and L. Jermutus.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

February 2006; p ublished online December 2005 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 4678 words.

Ribosome display is a powerful in vitro technology for the selection and directed evolution of proteins. However, this technology has so far been perceived as being technically challenging...

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Protein threading by PROSPECT: a prediction experiment in CASP3

Ying Xu, Dong Xu, Oakley H. Crawford, J.ralph Einstein, Frank Larimer, Ed Uberbacher, Michael A. Unseren and Ge Zhang.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

November 1999; p ublished online November 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 7242 words.

We present an analysis of the protein fold recognition experiment using PROSPECT in The Third Community Wide Experiment on the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure...

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Is it better to combine predictions?

Ross D. King, Mohammed Ouali, Arbra T. Strong, Alaaeldin Aly, Adel Elmaghraby, Mehmed Kantardzic and David Page.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

January 2000; p ublished online January 2000 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 4170 words.

We have compared the accuracy of the individual protein secondary structure prediction methods: PHD, DSC, NNSSP and Predator against the accuracy obtained by combing the predictions of the...

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Conformational dynamics of cancer-associated MyD88-TIR domain mutant L252P (L265P) allosterically tilts the landscape toward homo-dimerization

Chendi Zhan, Ruxi Qi, Guanghong Wei, Emine Guven-Maiorov, Ruth Nussinov and Buyong Ma.

in Protein Engineering, Design and Selection

September 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Proteins. 4808 words.

MyD88 is an essential adaptor protein, which mediates the signaling of the toll-like and interleukin-1 receptors’ superfamily. The MyD88 L252P (L265P) mutation has been identified in...