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Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Arts and Humanities.

Many sociological and anthropological definitions exist, but most tend to privilege some combination of small-scale, relative boundedness, strong affective ties, traditionalism, and...

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Intensive Supervision Probation

Geoffrey C. Barnes and Jordan M. Hyatt.

in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice

P ublished online March 2018 .

Article. Subjects: Penology and Punishment. 8740 words.

Intensive Supervision Probation (ISP) is a form of community supervision that employs smaller caseloads, more frequent contacts, and a variety of other mechanisms to increase the level of...

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Restorative justice and sex offending

Anne Marie McAlinden.

in The Oxford Handbook of Sex Offences and Sex Offenders

January 2017; p ublished online July 2017 .

Article. Subjects: Criminology and Criminal Justice; Penology and Punishment. 11643 words.

This essay examines the use of restorative justice in sexual offending. Restorative forms of intervention have been used in cases of violent or sexual offending, from first-time and...

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Mercy and Parole in Anglo-American Criminal Justice Systems from the Eighteenth Century to the Twenty-First Century

Carolyn Strange.

in The Oxford Handbook of the History of Crime and Criminal Justice

May 2016; p ublished online July 2016 .

Article. Subjects: Criminology and Criminal Justice; Penology and Punishment. 11483 words.

Mercy’s long association with the whims of emperors and monarchs altered with the emergence of republics and democracies in the modern era. Over the nineteenth century mercy became...

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