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Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Arts and Humanities.

Many sociological and anthropological definitions exist, but most tend to privilege some combination of small-scale, relative boundedness, strong affective ties, traditionalism, and...

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Systemic Angiotensinogen Concentrations Are Independently Associated With Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in a Community Sample

Aletta M E Millen, Angela J Woodiwiss, Monica Gomes, Frederic Michel and Gavin R Norton.

in American Journal of Hypertension

January 2018; p ublished online August 2017 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Biochemistry; Neuroendocrinology and Autonomic Nervous System; Endocrinology and Diabetes. 5733 words.



Left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction characterizes heart failure with a preserved...

Aldosterone-to-Renin Ratio and the Relationship Between Urinary Salt Excretion and Blood Pressure in a Community of African Ancestry

Leon Scott, Angela J. Woodiwiss, Muzi J. Maseko, Demetri G.A. Veliotes, Olebogeng H.I. Majane, Janice Paiker, Pinhas Sareli and Gavin R. Norton.

in American Journal of Hypertension

August 2011; p ublished online August 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neuroendocrinology and Autonomic Nervous System; Biochemistry; Endocrinology and Diabetes. 5008 words.


Although aldosterone influences the effect of salt intake on blood pressure (BP), the extent to which this occurs at a population level is...

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