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Overview page. Subjects: Social Sciences — Arts and Humanities.

Many sociological and anthropological definitions exist, but most tend to privilege some combination of small-scale, relative boundedness, strong affective ties, traditionalism, and...

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Downward Accountability

John Child.

in Corporate Governance in Contention

June 2018; p ublished online July 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Corporate Governance; Financial Institutions and Services. 14245 words.

This chapter develops the case for including downward accountability as an essential component of corporate governance. Downward accountability refers to processes by which the senior...

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The Academic Analysis of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Round 1

Matthew Spiegel.

in The Review of Financial Studies

June 2011; p ublished online June 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economics; Financial Institutions and Services; Corporate Governance. 4059 words.

Academics responded to the challenges posed by the 2008 financial crisis with a flurry of studies. This collection of articles is just the academic community's first look into it. The...

How Efficiently is Capital Allocated? Evidence from the Knitted Garment Industry in Tirupur

Abhijit Banerjee and Kaivan Munshi.

in The Review of Economic Studies

January 2004; p ublished online January 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Manufacturing; Economic Development; Corporate Governance. 11734 words.

This paper studies the effect of community identity on investment behaviour in the knitted garment industry in the South Indian town of Tirupur. We document very large and systematic...

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Social Capital and the Viability of Stakeholder-Oriented Firms: Evidence from Savings Banks

Charlotte Ostergaard, Ibolya Schindele and Bent Vale.

in Review of Finance

August 2016; p ublished online October 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Capitalist Systems; Economic Sociology; Banking; Corporate Governance. 20807 words.

We show that social capital improves the viability of stakeholder-oriented firms operating in competitive markets. Studying exits from the population of Norwegian savings banks after...