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Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health — Cookery, Food, and Drink.

Most commonly refers to ground wheat, although also used for other cereals and applied to powdered dried matter such as fish flour, potato flour, etc. Ground wheat yields wholemeal flour...

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Can a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder mitigate hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments? An application to consumer valuation of novel food products

Mohammed H Alemu and Søren B Olsen.

in European Review of Agricultural Economics

December 2018; p ublished online April 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Design of Experiments; Household Behaviour and Family Economics; Agricultural Economics. 15512 words.


In this paper, we test whether a Repeated Opt-Out Reminder (ROOR) can mitigate hypothetical bias in stated discrete choice experiments (DCE). The data...

Educational and Child Labour Impacts of Two Food-for-Education Schemes: Evidence from a Randomised Trial in Rural Burkina Faso

Harounan Kazianga, Damien de Walque and Harold Alderman.

in Journal of African Economies

November 2012; p ublished online April 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Education and Research Institutions; Microeconomics; Economic Development. 11908 words.

This paper uses a prospective randomised trial to assess the impact of two food-for-education schemes on education and child labour outcomes for children from low-income households in...