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Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health.

n. the joining together of two structures. For example, the surgical fusion of two or more vertebrae is performed to stabilize an unstable spine. Fusion of the epiphyses during...

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Marshalling the sacred, 1598–1621

Judith Pollmann.

in Catholic Identity and the Revolt of the Netherlands, 1520‐1635

September 2011; p ublished online January 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 15526 words.

After Albert and Isabella became Archdukes of the Habsburg Netherlands the fusion of the religious and the political became complete. Piety and political success were very much interwoven.....

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The Valori Family in Florentine Historiography

Mark Jurdjevic.

in Guardians of Republicanism

March 2008; p ublished online May 2008 .

Chapter. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 3271 words.

The conclusion integrates the book's various arguments and findings into the larger historiography on Renaissance Florence and Renaissance political culture. In particular, it considers the...

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Conclusion: Democracy and Terror

Michael Sonenscher.

in Sans-Culottes

May 2018; p ublished online September 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 31505 words.

This chapter discusses how the very particular setting in which the emergence of the sans-culottes in their now familiar guise occurred goes some way towards explaining why the mixture of...

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Guardians of Republicanism

Mark Jurdjevic.

March 2008; p ublished online May 2008 .

Book. Subjects: Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 224 pages.

Guardians of Republicanism analyses the political and intellectual history of Renaissance Florence—republican and princely—by focusing on five generations of the Valori family,...

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The First Wave of Trials for Diabolical Witchcraft

Richard Kieckhefer.

in The Oxford Handbook of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America

March 2013; p ublished online May 2013 .

Article. Subjects: History; Early Modern History (1500 to 1700). 9933 words.

This article discusses the first wave of trials for diabolical witchcraft. It suggests that when we examine the trials in a particular region, and when we read late medieval writings about...

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