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relief printing

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.

[It. rilievo] A large class of printing processes, including the principal process used for printed book production in the West from c.1450 to the mid-20th century: typographic printing...

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4 Temporal Jurisdiction over Acts before the Period of Limitation

Nick Gallus.

in The Temporal Jurisdiction of International Tribunals

May 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 20 pages. 9297 words.

Regardless of the date of entry into force of the obligation allegedly breached, or of the acceptance of its jurisdiction, a tribunal might not hear a claim if it was brought too long after...

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Ch.3 Breach of Contract: An Overview

Bruno Zeller.

in Damages Under the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

December 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 24 pages. 10840 words.

This chapter examines some transnational generic contract law principles of remedial relief. Not all contracts run the intended course, and a breach will mostly likely result in damages to...

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4 The Rationale for the ‘Penalty’ Jurisdiction

Roger Halson.

in Liquidated Damages and Penalty Clauses

March 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 56 pages. 31190 words.

This chapter examines whether the current law with regard to stipulated damages clauses can be justified by reference to a single, or multiple, policy objectives. In the Cavendish case,...

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Part V Case Studies, 43 Visiting Forces in Korea

Hyun Kim and Donald A. Timm.

in The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces

April 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 27 pages. 20607 words.

This chapter looks at the development of the law of visiting forces in Korea. This law begins in the aftermath of World War II, with the liberation of the Korean peninsula from Japanese...

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Part I Origins and Foundations of International Migration Law, 1 History of International Migration Law

Vincent Chetail.

in International Migration Law

April 2019 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 58 pages. 36069 words.

This chapter sketches the long and turbulent history of international migration law from the 16th to the 20th century. It covers the movement of persons in the doctrine of the Law of...

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Part I The Nature of Intangible Property, 5 Rights Under a Contract

Marcus Smith and Nico Leslie.

in The Law of Assignment

March 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 34 pages. 20647 words.

This chapter studies rights under a contract. Contractual rights exist between, and are only enforceable by, the parties to the contract. In other words, contractual rights and obligations...

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Part V Enforcement, 20 Enforcement of Security in Insolvency

Hugh Beale, Michael Bridge, Louise Gullifer and Eva Lomnicka.

in The Law of Security and Title-Based Financing

March 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 54 pages. 35224 words.

This chapter discusses the enforcement of security once formal insolvency proceedings have supervened. It deals primarily with liquidation, administration, and receivership but takes in...

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Art.25 Health

Penelope Weller.

in The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

November 2018 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 30 pages. 16925 words.

This chapter examines Article 25 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which requires states to provide persons with disabilities access to...

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Part 2 The United Nations: What it is, 9 Powers

Dame Rosalyn Higgins DBE, QC, Philippa Webb, Dapo Akande, Sandesh Sivakumaran and James Sloan.

in Oppenheim's International Law: United Nations

October 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Law. 37 pages. 24203 words.

This chapter examines the powers or competences of the United Nations as a separate legal entity. Its possession of legal personality, its specialized agencies, and some of the separate...

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