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Overview page. Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

The ability of certain ferromagnetic materials to acquire a thermal remanence in the opposite direction to the ambient magnetic field. Usually this requires the interaction of two or more...

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An extreme and life-threatening case of recurrent D-lactate encephalopathy

Nay Htyte, Luke White, Gagangeet Sandhu, James Jones and Ira Meisels.

in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation

April 2011; p ublished online February 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Nephrology. 2496 words.

D-lactic acidosis has been reported in patients after a variety of gastrointestinal surgeries, particularly jejunoileal bypass. An insufficient length of small intestine to...

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Impulsivity, time perception, emotion and reinforcement sensitivity in patients with orbitofrontal cortex lesions

H. A. Berlin, E. T. Rolls and U. Kischka.

in Brain

May 2004; p ublished online May 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Neuroscience. 10330 words.

Damage to the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) in humans has been associated with disinhibited or socially inappropriate behaviour and emotional changes. Some of the changes may be related to...

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The neural basis of deictic shifting in linguistic perspective-taking in high-functioning autism

Akiko Mizuno, Yanni Liu, Diane L. Williams, Timothy A. Keller, Nancy J. Minshew and Marcel Adam Just.

in Brain

August 2011; p ublished online July 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Neuroscience. 8102 words.

Personal pronouns, such as ‘I’ and ‘you’, require a speaker/listener to continuously re-map their reciprocal relation to their referent, depending on who is saying the pronoun. This...

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Involvement of human thalamus in the preparation of self-paced movement

Guillermo Paradiso, Danny Cunic, Jean A. Saint-Cyr, Tasnuva Hoque, Andrés M. Lozano, Anthony E. Lang and Robert Chen.

in Brain

December 2004; p ublished online August 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Neuroscience. 9882 words.

Cortical areas participating in the preparation of voluntary movements have been studied extensively. There is emerging evidence that subcortical structures, particularly the basal ganglia,...

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Spatially defined modulation of skin temperature and hand ownership of both hands in patients with unilateral complex regional pain syndrome

G. Lorimer Moseley, Alberto Gallace and Gian Domenico Iannetti.

in Brain

December 2012; p ublished online December 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Neuroscience. 8393 words.

Numerous clinical conditions, including complex regional pain syndrome, are characterized by autonomic dysfunctions (e.g. altered thermoregulation, sometimes confined to a...

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