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sensitive species

Overview page. Subjects: Environmental Science.

Plant or animal species which are susceptible to changes in habitat or to impacts from human activities.

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GABA transmission via ATP-dependent K+ channels regulates α-synuclein secretion in mouse striatum

Evangelia Emmanouilidou, Georgia Minakaki, Maria V. Keramioti, Mary Xylaki, Evangelos Balafas, Margarita Chrysanthou-Piterou, Ismini Kloukina and Kostas Vekrellis.

in Brain

March 2016; p ublished online February 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neuropathology; Disorders of the Nervous System. 11787 words.

α-Synuclein is readily released in human and mouse brain parenchyma, even though the normal function of the secreted protein has not been yet elucidated. Under pathological conditions, such...

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TRPA1/NOX in the soma of trigeminal ganglion neurons mediates migraine-related pain of glyceryl trinitrate in mice

Ilaria Maddalena Marone, Francesco De Logu, Romina Nassini, Muryel De Carvalho Goncalves, Silvia Benemei, Juliano Ferreira, Piyush Jain, Simone Li Puma, Nigel W Bunnett, Pierangelo Geppetti and Serena Materazzi.

in Brain

August 2018; p ublished online July 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neuropathology; Disorders of the Nervous System; Pain Medicine. 10388 words.


Glyceryl trinitrate is administered as a provocative test for migraine pain. Glyceryl trinitrate causes prolonged mechanical allodynia in rodents,...

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