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Overview page. Subjects: Human Resource Management.

Is the second stage of the five-stage model of group development. [See stages of group development.]

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The Gathering Storm

Sean P. Cunningham.

in Cowboy Conservatism

June 2010; p ublished online September 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: US Politics. 10746 words.

Jimmy Carter was one of the best friends that the Texas Republican Party could ever have asked for. Between 1977 and 1980, Carter, quite unintentionally, not only provided the Texas GOP...

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Military and Diplomatic Success in the Persian Gulf War

Spencer D. Bakich.

in Success and Failure in Limited War

March 2014; p ublished online September 2014 .

Chapter. Subjects: US Politics. 18265 words.

In the Persian Gulf War, America sought to carefully construct a favorable strategic environment so that the war to oust Iraq from Kuwait would not expand to include Israel and the Arab...

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John Tirman.

in The Deaths of Others

July 2011; p ublished online January 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: US Politics. 31500 words.

This chapter examines the consequences of America's invasion of Iraq in 2003, particularly the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the displacement of millions of others. It...

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The Last War Syndrome

Michael R. Gordon.

in Into the Desert

December 2012; p ublished online February 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: International Relations; US Politics. 10905 words.

This chapter assesses the 1991 Desert Storm campaign initiated by President George H. W. Bush to evict Iraqi forces from Kuwait, its aftermath, and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. It...

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Enemies Abroad

in Us Against Them

January 2009; p ublished online March 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: US Politics. 11951 words.

This chapter, which investigates whether ethnocentrism predisposes Americans to lend their support to policies of confrontation and violence against outside enemies, analyzes ethnocentrism...

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War and Its Aftermath

Michael F. Cairo.

in The Gulf

October 2012; p ublished online January 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: US Politics. 10624 words.

Continuing from the previous chapter, this chapter examines George H.W. Bush’s and George W. Bush’s decisions related to the course and conclusion of the Persian Gulf War and Operation...

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These Estimable Courts

Damon M. Cann and Jeff Yates.

March 2016; p ublished online March 2016 .

Book. Subjects: US Politics. 184 pages.

This book investigates and analyzes how citizens feel about the government institutions at the front lines of jurisprudential policymaking in the United States: the nation's state and local...

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Norwood, Henry

Stephen Saunders Webb.

in American National Biography Online

January 1999; p ublished online February 2000 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Military History; Warfare and Defence; US Politics; US Colonial and Revolutionary History; Colonialism and Imperialism. 1253 words.

Norwood, Henry (1614–1689), royalist soldier, treasurer and auditor of Virginia, and lieutenant governor of Tangier, was born at or near Leckhampton, Gloucester, England, to a family with a...

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