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symmetric relation

Overview page. Subjects: Computing.

A binary relation ∼ on a set S is symmetric if, for all a and b in S, whenever ab then ba.

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Finite-difference modelling of magnetotelluric fields in two-dimensional anisotropic media

Josef Pek and Tomáš Verner.

in Geophysical Journal International

March 1997; p ublished online March 1997 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Geophysics. 0 words.


An algorithm for the numerical modelling of magnetotelluric fields in 2-D generally anisotropic block structures is presented. Electrical properties...

Surface loading of a viscoelastic earth—I. General theory

Jeroen Tromp and Jerry X. Mitrovica.

in Geophysical Journal International

June 1999; p ublished online June 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Geophysics. 5178 words.


We present a new normal-mode formalism for computing the response of an aspherical, self-gravitating, linear viscoelastic earth model to an arbitrary...

On the response of the Earth to a fault system: its evaluation beyond the epicentral reference frame

G. Cambiotti and R. Sabadini.

in Geophysical Journal International

P ublished online September 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Geodesy and Surveying for Maps and Charts. 11208 words.

Previous formalisms for determining the static perturbation of spherically symmetric self-gravitating elastic Earth models due to displacement dislocations deal with each infinitesimal...

Linear or non-linear rheology in the Earth's mantle: the prevalence of power-law creep in the postglacial isostatic readjustment of Laurentia

Paolo Gasperini, Giulio Dal Forno and Enzo Boschi.

in Geophysical Journal International

June 2004; p ublished online June 2004 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Geophysics. 3707 words.


The great majority of postglacial rebound computations carried out during the last three decades assumed a purely linear rheological relation for the...

Analyses of far-field coseismic crustal deformation observed by a new laser distance measurement system

Akito Araya, Akiteru Takamori, Wataru Morii, Hideaki Hayakawa, Takashi Uchiyama, Masatake Ohashi, Souichi Telada and Shuzo Takemoto.

in Geophysical Journal International

April 2010; p ublished online April 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Geophysics. 5445 words.


We have developed a novel absolute distance meter (ADM) for determining coseismic strain steps and analysed far-field crustal deformation caused by...