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Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health.

adj. possessing the ability to respond to a stimulus. The cells of the retina, for example, are sensitive to the stimulus of light and respond by sending nerve impulses to the...

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The Ambivalence of Favour

Alena Ledeneva.

in Economies of Favour after Socialism

January 2017; p ublished online January 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Economic Systems. 12324 words.

This chapter offers a network-based typology of favours that seeks to reflect their ambivalence—the degree of uncertainty of obligation in social relations and intermittent display of the...

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Global Private Banking

Roy C. Smith, Ingo Walter and Gayle Delong.

in Global Banking

January 2012; p ublished online May 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Economic Systems. 10716 words.

Private banking caters to wealthy individuals who, like other investors, base asset-allocation choices on their relative preferences for risk and return. There is value in diversification...

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Anja Shortland.

in Kidnap

February 2019; p ublished online January 2019 .

Chapter. Subjects: Economic Systems; Public Economics. 3143 words.

This chapter concludes the book with four reflections on how readers can shift power away from kidnappers, protect at-risk populations, and safeguard hostages. First, hostages can help...

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Fairness and the employment contract: North American regions versus Germany

Knut Gerlach, David Levine, Gesine Stephan and Olaf Struck.

in Cambridge Journal of Economics

May 2008; p ublished online December 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Comparative Economic Systems; Wages, Compensation, and Labour Costs; Mobility, Unemployment, and Vacancies. 8382 words.

Substantial evidence shows that North Americans are generally more accepting of the market than Europeans and attribute market outcomes to a larger degree to effort or skill. Thus, North...

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The emerging market for European corporate governance: the relationship between governance and capital expenditures, 1997–2005

Rob Bauer, Robin Braun and Gordon L. Clark.

in Journal of Economic Geography

July 2008; p ublished online May 2008 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Comparative Economic Systems; Housing Markets, Production Analysis, and Business Location; Economics; Corporate Governance. 12848 words.

We examine European corporate governance with respect to the relationship between shareholder value and capital investment. Based upon Europe's largest listed companies, it is shown that...

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