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serial arithmetic

Overview page. Subjects: Computing.

Operation upon one bit or digit of a number at a time.

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serial arithmetic

Overview page. Subjects: Computing.

Operation upon one bit or digit of a number at a time.

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serial arithmetic

Edited by Andrew Butterfield and Gerard Ekembe Ngondi.

in A Dictionary of Computer Science

January 2016; p ublished online January 2016 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Computing. 14 words.

Operation upon one bit or digit of a number at a time.

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serial arithmetic

John Daintith and Edmund Wright.

in A Dictionary of Computing

January 2008; p ublished online January 2008 .

Reference Entry. Subjects: Computing. 14 words.

Operation upon one bit or digit of a number at a time.

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Anxiety level and performance on the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task, the Aural Sequential Paced Arithmetic Test and the Visual Sequential Arithmetic Test

J.B. Mielke and S. Hall.

in Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

February 1998; p ublished online February 1998 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neuroscience; Neuropsychology. 0 words.

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parallel algorithm

Overview page. Subjects: Computing.

An algorithm designed to run “efficiently” on a parallel computer. A parallel algorithm may involve a greater number of arithmetic operations than a serial counterpart. It is designed,...

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The Pilot ACE: from concept to reality

Robin A. Vowels.

in Alan Turing's Automatic Computing Engine

April 2005; p ublished online January 2008 .

Chapter. Subjects: History of Mathematics. 13488 words.

This chapter discusses the development of the Pilot ACE, including the architecture, programming, and performance. The Pilot ACE was a general purpose computer of the serial type, with a...

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Reconstructing Genealogies of Serial Samples Under the Assumption of a Molecular Clock Using Serial-Sample UPGMA

Alexei Drummond and Allen G. Rodrigo.

in Molecular Biology and Evolution

December 2000; p ublished online December 2000 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Evolutionary Biology; Molecular and Cell Biology. 4892 words.

Reconstruction of evolutionary relationships from noncontemporaneous molecular samples provides a new challenge for phylogenetic reconstruction methods. With recent biotechnological...

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Computer‐assisted simulation of high‐voltage electron microscopy using serial images recorded by conventional transmission electron microscopy

Ragnar Pascher, Claes‐Henric Berthold and Martin Rydmark.

in Microscopy

April 2002; p ublished online April 2002 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Biological Sciences. 0 words.

Here we describe a computer‐assisted method which, based on conventional transmission electron microscopy, renders simulated high‐voltage electron micrographs. We perform arithmetic minimum...

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Design of Reconfigurable VLSI Architecture for Hybrid Arithmetic in $GF(2^m)$

Chang N. Zhang and Hua Li.

in The Computer Journal

January 2003; p ublished online January 2003 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Computer Science. 0 words.

In this paper, a redundant canonical basis representation with the irreducible all one polynomial (AOP) is defined. Three novel designs of a multiplier in a redundant canonical basis over...

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Task-Specific Facilitation of Cognition by Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Prefrontal Cortex

Paul A. Pope, Jonathan W. Brenton and R. Chris Miall.

in Cerebral Cortex

November 2015; p ublished online May 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Clinical Neuroscience; Neuroscience. 6514 words.

We previously speculated that depression of cerebellar excitability using cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) might release extra cognitive resources via the...

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Overview page. Subjects: Computing.

The progressing of two or more activities (processes, programs) in parallel. It is a term that describes the general topic of parallelism in computer systems, specifically multiprocessing...

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The impacts of diabetes research from 31 European Countries in 2002 to 2013

Elena Pallari, Grant Lewison, Oriana Ciani, Rosanna Tarricone, Silvia Sommariva, Mursheda Begum and Richard Sullivan.

in Research Evaluation

July 2018; p ublished online April 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Research Methods; Biological Sciences; Knowledge Management; Social Research and Statistics. 10071 words.


The evaluation of a country’s medical research outputs should include measures of their impact on medical practice, on health policy, and...

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Impact of airway management strategies on magnetic resonance image quality

F. E. Ucisik-Keser, T. L. Chi, Y. Hamid, A. Dinh, E. Chang and D. Z. Ferson.

Edited by T. Asai.

in BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia

September 2016; p ublished online August 2016 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Anaesthetics. 3800 words.


Use of general anaesthesia or deep sedation during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies leads to pharyngeal muscle relaxation, often resulting...

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Clinicopathological features of familial Alzheimer's disease associated with the M139V mutation in the presenilin 1 gene. Pedigree but not mutation specific age at onset provides evidence for a further genetic factor.

N C Fox, A M Kennedy, R J Harvey, P L Lantos, P K Roques, J Collinge, J Hardy, M Hutton, J M Stevens, E K Warrington and M N Rossor.

in Brain

March 1997; p ublished online March 1997 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Neurology; Neuroscience. 0 words.

Sixteen affected individuals are described from two families with early onset autosomal dominant familial Alzheimer's disease. A mutation at codon 139 in the presenilin 1 gene on chromosome...

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Application of the Time-Series Approach to Assess the Temporal Trend of Racial Disparity in Chlamydia Prevalence in the US National Job Training Program

Lin H. Tian, Catherine Lindsey Satterwhite, Jim R. Braxton and Samuel L. Groseclose.

in American Journal of Epidemiology

January 2011; p ublished online November 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public Health and Epidemiology. 4478 words.

The authors applied a time-series approach to assess the temporal trend of racial disparity in chlamydia prevalence between young, socioeconomically disadvantaged blacks and whites entering...

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MrBayes on a Graphics Processing Unit

Jianfu Zhou, Xiaoguang Liu, Douglas S. Stones, Qiang Xie and Gang Wang.

in Bioinformatics

May 2011; p ublished online March 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. 4488 words.

Motivation: Bayesian phylogenetic inference can be used to propose a ‘tree of life’ for a collection of species whose DNA sequences are known. While there are many packages...

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Ordinary Sentences for Extraordinary Crimes

Mark B. Harmon and Fergal Gaynor.

in Journal of International Criminal Justice

July 2007; p ublished online July 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Criminal Law; International Law. 15510 words.

In comparison to sentences meted out by international tribunals at Nuremberg, Tokyo and Arusha, and by domestic courts, sentences handed down at the International Criminal Tribunal for the...

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