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1 A route between two vertices of a graph, passing along edges and, in the case of a directed graph, with attention paid to the direction along the edges. More formally there is a path between vertices V0 and Vk if each pair (Vi, Vi+1), i= 0,1…,k-1 is an edge of the graph and, in the case of a directed graph, is suitably directed.

(Vi, Vi+1), i= 0,1…,k-1

In typical applications, the existence of paths between vertices indicates physical connections between them or perhaps logical connections or dependencies. See also cycle.

2 A sequence of instructions that may be performed in the execution of a program. A path through a program is equivalent to a traversal of the control-flow diagram for that program from the start node or vertex to the end node of the graph.

3 See access path.

Subjects: Computing.

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