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Test Act in the UK, an act in force between 1673 and 1828 that made an oath of allegiance to the Church of England and the supremacy of the monarch as its head and repudiation of the doctrine of transubstantiation a condition of eligibility for public office.Test Act also designates an act of 1871 relaxing restrictions on university entrance for candidates who were not members of the Church of England.

Test-Ban Treaty an international agreement not to test nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in space, or under water, signed in 1963 by the US, the UK, and the USSR, and later by more than 100 governments.

test match an international cricket or rugby match, typically one of a series, played between teams representing two different countries; the term is first recorded in an account of five cricket test matches played between England and Australia in the season of 1861–2.

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